B2B opportunities with Latvian companies

Here is a list of Latvian companies which would like to have B2B meetings with Estonian companies.
Profiles attached, as well accessed via link below:

Company profiles are accessible via following link – https://ej.uz/Company_profiles
Registration is possible via following link – https://ej.uz/Online_B2B_LV

Website: https://gedvillo.com/en/
Year Established: 2014
Number of employees: 3-8

Summary of offer: Agile trainings and couch trainings.
Description of offer: We offer best combination of service mentioned, including innovative microtraining approach, which is to deliver maximum value to the customer by focusing on their specific challenge and offering maximum support to solve it. Any training can be combined with individual or team coaching to make sure knowledge gained in trainings is used in practice the best way possible.
Potential partners: We are looking for companies who need assistance to improve their Agile mindset and practices in all levels.

Website: www.bioefekts.lv
Year Established: 1993
Number of employees: 25

Summary of offer: Preparations containing soil microorganisms for professional agriculture and home gardening.
Description of offer: Our products are unique, resulting from long-term scientific research. They are completely natural, harmless to plants, animals, humans and can also be used in organic farming. Our products can replace chemically synthesized plant protection products and fertilizers.
Potential partners: Trading company engaged in the distribution of fertilizers and plant protection products

Website: https://fhmgroup.eu/
Year Established: 2020
Number of employees: 2

Summary of offer: Outdoor accessories and clothing.
Description of offer: The FHM brand focuses on high quality clothing and accessories for anglers, hunters, and outdoor enthusiasts, as well as tents and camping furniture. We use waterproof & breathable 3-layer Dermizax membranes for clothes and top-quality insulations to ensure outstanding performance.
Potential partners: We are looking for distributors in Estonia in field of fishing and outdoor stores.

Website: https://www.roadgames.com/en
Year Established: 2019
Number of employees: 1

Summary of offer: We offer 2 different gameplay options: 1. a real-life scavenger hunt; 2. a remote virtual option using Google Street View.
Description of offer: ROAD GAMES is a scavenger hunt game for teams and individual players that acts as a guide to a city’s local and hidden spots. Players follow map directions to solve location-based questions and riddles via the ROAD GAMES smartphone app. The app is available for both Android and IOS. The game is fully adjustable to fit the needs of the customer.
It can be used as a tool:
•by event and marketing agencies for promotional or corporate events;
•by corporations for COVID safe team building;
•by tourist information centers (a COVID safe option to explore the most prominent places in a city 24/7).
Potential partners: Event and marketing agencies; Local governments and tourist information centers; Every company, who wants to organize COVID friendly team building events.

Website: www.banga-seafood.com
Year Established: 2011
Number of employees: 127

Summary of offer: Canned seafood
Description of offer: Banga LTD. is a high-quality canned seafood processor and our portfolio consists of around 30 products made from various types of fish – Sprats, Cod, Baltic Herring, Salmon, and other.
We are flexible with the production and packaging of the products we produce, that’s why we can accommodate client’s needs for specially requested products and packaging formats. We can offer products under our Banga brand or use client’s private label.
Potential partners: Banga LTD is seeking a distributor in Estonia.

Website: https://www.veryberry.lv/about-us
Year Established: 1998
Number of employees: 18

Summary of offer: 100% natural berry drinks, syrups, juices.
Description of offer: Natural juice production unit, as well as providing fruit and berry freezing and storage services. We say NO! to any chemicals, food additives, flavor and color enhancers. NO concentrates. Staying natural is our key core value. We produce 100% natural berry drinks, syrups, juices.
Potential partners: Looking for cider producers, lemonade producers.

Website: www.deac.eu/en/
Year Established: 1999
Number of employees: 60

Summary of offer: Cloud solutions, dedicated servers and colocation solutions, data security, IT audit and IT consulting services.
Description of offer: 100% privately owned company with 2 owned data centers in Latvia and network of partner data centers across Europe and Russia. DEAC is one of the largest ISO-certified data center provider in Northern Europe. We have recently attracted significant investments for the development of our own and our customers’ IT infrastructure.
Potential partners: Any partnership type.

Website: www.ssi-schaefer.com/en-lv
Year Established: 2000
Number of employees: 430

Summary of offer: Products and systems for intra-company material flows and waste engineering.
Description of offer: We develop innovative concepts and solutions for our customers’ industries. In this process, we shape the future of intralogistics. SSI SCHÄFER helps to keep you competitive and to always remain one step ahead of your competitors.
Our main market sectors are: Industry, Retail & Wholesale, Food Retail, Food &Beverage, Fashion, Cosmetics & Healthcare.
Potential partners: Leading Retailer chains, Industry players, E-comm market players (B2B and B2C segment), Healthcare segment clients.

Website: https://catchsmart.com/
Year Established: 2014
Number of employees: 23

Summary of offer: IT software solutions, development of own IT products. CatchSmart products – Oversee and DRUS.
Description of offer: Oversee – a digital system for the maintenance and management of the company’s resources (equipment, inventory, machinery, human resources), which ensures remote work organization and improves communication between employees and with the
DRUS – Fleet and heavy machinery maintenance management system.
Potential partners: Clients – Small and medium-sized enterprise – manufacturing companies of various industries, service and management companies, security service providers, construction companies, metal processing companies. Product presentation – IT consultants, LEAN consultants and auditors, Business consultants, Business coaches, Quality management experts and auditors.

Website: http://www.celubuve24.lv/en
Year Established: 2009
Number of employees: 11

Summary of offer:
1. Road signs
2. Temporary road safety equipment
3. City equipment
4. Tools
Description of offer:
1. Road signs – on 2020 we opened our road sign production, at our factory we produce road signs in accordance with European norms EN 12899. As well we can offer custom made road and information signs.
2. Temporary road safety equipment – all equipment needed to ensure road safety at work site (barriers, lamps, signs, etc.)
3. Horizontal road markings – thermoplastics, road paint and cold road marking plastics. Road marking aerosols.
4. City equipment, like speed bumps, flexible posts, road mirrors, parking barriers, etc.
5. Tools used for road works; shovels, leveling rakes, grabs, rubber mallets, asphalt tools, etc.
Potential partners: Road construction companies

Website: https://lmi.lv/en
Year Established: 2015
Number of employees: 15

Summary of offer: Sustainable and personalised translation and localisation services
Description of offer: We help our clients – companies, organisations, and individuals – to reach their target audiences in a language they understand by providing high-quality translation, localisation and interpreting services in a friendly and professional way. We are made up of fluent and experienced communicators who are able to deliver results whilst working person-to-person, business-to-business and culture-to-culture. Our aim is always to provide accurate, high-quality and fast solutions for our valued clients.
Potential partners: Companies operating in legal, life science, tech, engineering, consumer electronics, construction fields, with goal to successfully expand into foreign markets.

Website: https://www.grasbergs.lv/
Year Established: 1994
Number of employees: 30

Summary of offer: Dairy products – milk, kefir, yogurt, sour cream, cream, butter, cottage cheese and ice cream.
Description of offer: Naturalness is observed starting from the food that the cows receive. A balanced diet with all the necessary nutrients is
created, so that the milk is as natural as possible. Pecial recipes from the owners themselves are used to create the products.
Potential partners: Store chains

Website: www.vega.lv
Year Established: 1998
Number of employees: 105

Summary of offer: Transport, Mooring, Tank farm, Stevedoring services, Customs procedures.
Description of offer: The company SIA Vega Stividors provides shipment services, particularly delivery of cargoes in Europe and the near abroad.
Our company possesses solid experience in the work with all sea lines working in Latvia and can be your representative in business with them.
Our experienced team has huge experience of work and can load/discharge vessels within the shortest period of time. On the mooring JM-29, 2 port cranes with a capacity of 8 t, timber loading speed 100 cub./hour, pipelines from the mooring JM-29 to SIA „Vega Stividors” tank park are available. The tank farm for storage of liquid cargoes is located in the free economic zone of Vega Stividors. The tank farm is a set of 6 tanks, each having a capacity of 1,500 cubic meters. The total volume of the tanks is 9,000 cubic meters. All tanks are equipped by the internal protection epoxy cover, heat insulation as well as a possibility of heating and temperature maintenance.
Our company provides high-quality and timely customs registration services. SIA „Vega Stividors” customs department’s services can be fully provided via e-mail, you only need to send us relevant documents and we will register your cargo within the shortest period of time. Our experience enables us to solve the most complicated issues related to delivery and registration of any kinds of cargo. SIA „Vega Stividors” has insurance guarantee in the amount of 500,000 EUR, which enables us to register high-cost cargoes.
Potential partners: Commercial Agency Agreement, Distribution Services Agreement.

Ilmar Branno
Jõgevamaa investorkonsultant